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There is a legal requirement under the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) to have air conditioning systems assessed to ensure they are working efficiently.

The legislation is being introduced in two phases:

-  system capacities over 250kW
-  systems greater than 12kW

Systems with a total output (either a single system or the combined total output of all condenser units) greater than 250kW should have been assessed by now as the legislation for these came into force in January 2010.

The legislation requires all systems greater than 12kW to be assessed before January 2011.

The only people allowed to issue these certificates are those specifically trained and qualified to carry out the tests. Air conditioning systems are energy hungry so even small faults can significantly impact on the efficiency and therefore running costs.

Before any transaction can be completed you will need to have a valid certificate as purchasers solicitors will ask for it (taking into account the dates above).

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