Display Energy Certificates

The process of measuring, monitoring and managing energy in an operational building year on year.

The requirement for a DEC (Display Energy Certificate) currently only applies to public buildings.  However revisions to the current European legislation may eventually require all commercial properties that are visited by the public to also have a DEC on display.

For a DEC to be valid, a current Advisory Report also has to be produced.   A DEC is valid for one year and an Advisory Report is valid for 7 years.

DECs work out a building's rating based on energy used and continue to track usage each year so comparisons can be made and performance reviewed. . It is currently one of the best measures available for carbon footprinting and visually demonstrates the effect of any energy saving measures that are put into place.

Current Requirements

ince October 2008 legislation has required all public buildings over 1,000 sq. m. to display a certificate in a prominent position .   Within the definition of public buildings are council offices, libraries, courts, schools, hospitals and leisure centres.  The legislation also applies to buildings occupied by companies and organisations that receive public funding.

Going Forward

Companies wishing to demonstrate their green credentials are
beginning to use DECs on a voluntary basis.   Some supermarkets and major organisations have started trials as they are making commitments to reduce their carbon footprint.  A DEC is currently one of the best ways a company can raise awareness of energy issues and demonstrate to its customers and staff the effects of their energy saving efforts.

Abbey Energy is accredited to provide DECs and we would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quotation.


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